Decor Your Home This Diwali with Uncommon Gifts|Diwali Home Decor Ideas

The pleasant time of the year is at last here. It’s time for some delectable treats and lighting up the home with some dazzling Diwali decorations. Diwali, undeniably is that time of the year which calls for not only spruce up to the best but also tittivating up the house gorgeously.

Diwali brings images of stunningly lit up yards to our mind. It is a centenary of lights, colors, and delectable sweets. The numerous shades of lamps indicate the jubilant sentiments within the people. Diwali, as we see, is allied with the triumph of the good over evil. Lights are emblematic of positive energy. This auspicious occasion is all about spreading love and positivity. We exchange gifts, we embellish our homes with lights and flowers, and adorn new clothes, all in the expectation of better future. So, this year adorn your home with these unique Diwali decoration designs.

 Let’s brighten up this Deepawali with some new “Do It Yourself” decor designs. That way, you can transform decorations and save lot of money that could else have gone down on décor expenditures. It is always fun to tidy up home and revamp it with blazing Diwali lights decoration. Yet, one often runs out of new ways to do the same. Here are some of the easy-to-do Diwali ornamentation ideas that you could use to style your home during festivities.

Hola Hoop Chandeliers

Twine the thread lights haphazardly around the hula hoop to form a lovely chandelier that can be hung in your living room to enhance the festive mood to it. This is the seamless Diwali decoration idea for living room. This design works very well both indoors as well as outdoors. It’s also perfect for a swift party decor while you are at it. All you need will be to get a hoop to wind the lights. So, try these Diwali home decoration lights to get a panache look for your home.

Jar Lights

String lights can be put into almost anything. Get hold of a few jars and fill them up with the lights. Now all you have to do is find the right spot to hang them. Like the Hula-hoop chandeliers, these are also exceptional for Diwali decoration ideas for home. This festive spell, try these home decoration ideas for Diwali.

Bottle Lights

We have found new fun ways to make use of empty wine bottles, this Diwali. Store them to dazzle up your interiors along with some fairy lights. All that needs to be done is that you have to put the lights inside the bottle and close them with a corkscrew. Now you can basically place them on the table or along the stairs to give the room classy illumination

Handcrafted Lampshades

Create lovely lampshades for your Diwali lights with paper. Draw chosen designs on a rectangular piece of paper and pierce it with a compass. Now fold the paper into a cylindrical edifice and glue the ends together. Place it over the lamp so that light emanates out through the decorated perforations.

Quilling Paper Designs for Thali

All you need to do is Get colorful quilling papers and needle to decorate your thalis in a distinct style. Make circular or cryptic shapes of quilling papers and organize them in beautiful designs around the light in your thali. You can use these to embellish doorways and windows, too!

Bangle Wall Hangings

Similar to the assembly of lampshades, to build bangle wall hangings all you have to do is glue the bangles together to create a circular figure. Now tie it all up with colorful satin ribbons and put them up on walls, ceilings or doorways to brilliantly perk up the rooms. You can also just tie them up with ribbons and decorate your rooms with them. This festive season save your money with the best Diwali decorations at home.

Pathway Decor

Most rangolis are made of tattered flowers. This Diwali let’s use whole flowers as a substitute of just petals. You can create some designs on the floor along pathways and place flowers over them to create the dazzling flower rangoli.

You could also place flowers in the shapes of Ganapati to enhance the fixtures in front of doors. Brainstorm and find pioneering ways to display flowers this Diwali. Let loose your imagination. If you are one of the people who are searching for Diwali ornamentation for home, then you are at the right place. This home decoration for the Diwali is great.

Sequin and Tassel Hangings

This is one the best Diwali home adornment items and is very inexpensive. Sequins and tassels could be looped up together or distinctly on the thread. These are really flashy at night and reflect off the light when positioned alongside Diwali lights. So, start buying these Diwali decoration items from local shops.

Tassels are very nice dangling on doors and walls. They fill up space easily and so finish Diwali decorations swiftly.

Wall Pieces

Sequins can be pasted over Thermocol boards or thick cardboard sheets and dangled up on walls. If you desire some over the top designs for a Diwali party, you can go for large pieces of sequin filled cardboards as wallpapers. They could also be used to embellish average objects like bottles, mirrors, and pots, which could then be used as showpieces. So, start doing home decor for Diwali on this festive season.

Wineglass Lamps

Wineglasses can be put to uses such as adorning tables. Fill three-fourths of the glasses with water and put in some lovely flowers so that they float inundated in the water. Now place the tea light on top so it is floating freely above the water. Light them up to generate an ambiance indoors. You can also put in crystals or white pebbles inside the glasses to make them more fascinating.

Also, these glass lights can be organized on a large scale to create designs. They can easily lighten up any Diwali celebration party.