Safety Measures –
Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Your Safety, Our Priority

Dear Uncommongifts Fam, 

We are humbled by your overwhelming response to our continuous efforts in bringing the most uncommon and creative gifts. We want to take the opportunity to let you know that while you showed trust in us, we did our best to keep you safe and took measures to reduce the chances of the spread of Covid-19.

Here’s how we make sure that everyone connected to us, including you, stays safe.

Distribution and availability of protective equipment

Since day one, the Government has been pressing on the need of using protective equipment such as layered facemasks, gloves and alcohol based sanitizers. We have distributed the same among all our employees and all the other connected candidates. 

Embracing work from home and social distancing

We have been working from home to ensure complete safety of our                employees and in the cases where WFH cannot work we make sure that   proper implementation of safe social distancing is carried out. 

Frequent sanitization of workplace and warehouse 

Our workplace and warehouses are frequently cleaned and sanitized, including the furniture, door knobs and other frequently-in-touch stuff. Alcohol based disinfectants are used to ensure the highest level of sanitization. 

Conscious efforts at safe packaging and delivery

We consciously make efforts to ensure that the packaging of the products ordered by you is done in most safe environments. We make sure that all the members of our packaging team are asymptomatic, maintain safe social distance, wear gloves and masks. We practice and implement the same during delivery.

Made essentials available on the website

Uncommongifts has now made essentials available on the website. Since we are all about cuteness and quirkiness, we have brought in the same element in our three layered FacemasksFor all those people who love Tech stuff, we have this portable UV sterilizer that uses 8 super effective UV-rays to provide 360 degree sterilization to your day-to-day belongings in just 5 minutes. 

Some important points for our customers

We are implementing and following all the safe practices that are there and hope you do your part as well in flattening the curve. Here’s what you can do.

  • Please spray any alcohol based disinfectant on the package on its arrival before taking it inside your home. 
  • Discard the package as soon as you remove it and wash your hands properly.
  • To help us practice no contact delivery pre-pay for your orders.
  • Don’t forget to wear a mask while receiving the package. 

Thank you for your trust in UncommongiftsCome what may, we will make sure to bring brand new, cute and quirky gifts every month. Hence, do not forget to keep up with the new section. 

The pleasure of giving is unmatched and we are here for you to keep feeling amazing! (and safe)

For any queries please feel free to contact us on or visit our Contact us Section. 

Or dial up  +91 8860386395 (9:30 AM - 5:30 PM).

Sincerely yours, 

Team Uncommongifts.