Tips & Tricks What Corporate Gifts to Select?

People may fail to recall what someone said or how others behaved. But they by no means forget how somebody made them feel.

And this very psychological fabric is what pedals the concept of corporate gifting. With this distinctive sense of acknowledgement and being valued, gifts exceed the border of mere being gifts, only to realize the value of trophy and uncommonness of accomplishments in the recipient's eyes.

Subsequently, it acts as an incentive to all the constituents that form the organizational structure; to staff and associates, it inspires them to think a little more outside the box; to patrons, it gives a strong emotive rope to stay long with you.

Keep in mind that the “worth” of the gift as well as the choice of the gift needs to be deliberated thoroughly, as it sends out two messages clearly:

“This gift denotes who you are.”

“This gift’s perceived value tells your clienteles, staff, and associates how much you value them.”

Evidently, the lynchpin, if not the only one, that decides the success of your gifting ventures is how varied, customized, and rare your bucket of gifts is.

The subsequent enlisting throws light on some of the most notable, rewarding, and significant gifts that establishments can bestow upon their key patrons.

1. Gift Vouchers

The cause why gift cards are swelling in popularity since 2010 is the liberty of choice they give to the receivers. Also, by providing people the choice to exchange it for things worth the same amount, they are perfect for small gift items such as, baby products, toiletries, groceries, books, mobile and DTH recharge, and apparel.

2. Cash and pay-outs

Maybe, your receiver has an undisclosed wish to buy something in particular, and your all-encompassing data and inquiry may not crack it. Just ignite this desire by allowing him to buy what he longs for. The easy way of doing it is showering him lucrative and easily cashable pay-outs.

3. Electronics

Electronic gifts are just like Swiss-knives - they meet all the points that the corporate gifting campaigns struggle for. Being high on financial as well as on an experiential worth, they create the strong sense of being treasured in the heart of the recipient of the gift. Furthermore, they are functional in daily life, warranting that the recipient will be reminded of you in each moment.

4. Health and wellness

The World Health Organisation has well-defined health as the social, psychological, and physical well-being of an individual. However it’s tough for a company to do much in the receivers’ social and psychological domain, physical wellbeing is easily touchable. You can Gift gym membership to recipients, and warrant that they break a sweat and not the bank.

6. Merchandise

Merchandise has developed from a gifting means to an advertising accessory. Those water bottles, cool hoodies, laptop sleeves, and whatnot are still dominating the way in the form of gift bags and welcome gifts. They work even better if they are amped up by a creative touch of customisation.

7. Home and living

Due to the current Pandemic With holed up in houses and no promises of attending the office visible in the near future, work from home is here to stay. It emphasizes the need for staff to create a home setting that is beneficial to work.

You can assist them by gifting chair covers, wall art, cushions or modestly a gift card to the nearest home décor store for them to amp up their home office. Remember: the more embedded they are in an office-like atmosphere, the more acclimated they will be in productivity.

8. Restaurant, Food & Drinks

Nothing gratifies the heart more than a splendid food with a finely-refined drink in a restaurant renowned for its ambiance. By gifting a superb dinner or covering a week’s food deliveries, beautify your recipients' hard-earned weekend with the sight and aroma of delicacies.

9. Subscriptions

Your receivers are spending part of their time in homes. Thinking about how to up their home-entertainment, thus, is a step taken in the right direction. Gift them adventures of OTT-subscriptions and don't let them feel the monotony of passing of time.

10. Travel and leisure

With anxiety being the middle name of contemporary life and the dearth of time the first, allowing your patrons and team to rejuvenate in marvellous blue lagoons and misty woods is no less than soul soothing. Gift them holiday by giving them direct access to discounted hotels and flights - specifically in the holiday season where tickets become the most needed objects. Keeping this in mind you can also give them travel pillows, luggage tags etc.

11. Reading and learning

There is as abundant knowledge these days in digital troves as it is there in books. Let your receivers leverage it as per their outlook and capacity. You can also go for a classically acclaimed book with a book sleeve or Gift them online courses, desired information assets, and distinctive access to great talks by maestros.

12. Charity and donations

The objective of life is to have a life of purpose. Luckily enough, the tentacles of business gifts are extensive enough to deliver this purpose to the receivers.

Give them charity gift cards and enable them to "spend" on the charity of their liking. If you do not have a committed charity card in your gift box, let them bequeath the rewards points to the cause that is nearest to their hearts.